Wednesday, September 19, 2012


So I'm learning that I've gotta come up with a schedule for blog posting.  Eventually I want to start doing one every day but I'm trying to ease into this.  I figure since we're getting into the Halloween season and I'm seeing so many awesome projects to go along with it I'd post one too!  Last year I found some cute dish towels in the dollar section at Target.  I sewed them together, encased some black ribbon in the top, added some ric rac trim on the bottom and a black cat from an old t-shirt and voila:
A Halloween pillowcase dress for my little girl.  I also made some black and white striped leggings trimmed in black lace from a t-shirt to go w/ it but I can't find them!!!!!  It's going to be too small for her this year but I may tear the sides open and add a panel of fabric on each side to make it bigger.
The "Happy Halloween" was already on the front and back.  I cut this cat out and painted in the eyes then ironed it on with heat 'n bond.  I found that ric rac at Joann's.
I just folded the tops in 1 inch and sewed a casing, threaded the ribbon through and it was ready to wear!  If I do add the panels I'll take a pic of it on my little Fin and post it.
So you experienced bloggers out there, how do you make time do post on your blogs?  Linking up to these great parties today:  Primp, Lil' Luna, Someday Crafts, Ginger Snap Crafts, Crayon Freckles, Christie's Cuties, Somewhat Simple


  1. That dress is adorable! Luv the purple and black togeather! Post when you can, try to be consistent, even if you can only post twice a week... build up as you can. I still only blog maybe 3-4 times a week, when I'm lucky maybe 5. Balance is so important! You'll get it!
    Thanks for linking at tip toe thru tuesday!

  2. How genious! I would never think to use dishtowels. I love the poms at the bottom, too. Great addition. I agree with Kim from above. It's so hard to find a schedule that works for you. Being consistent is key. Decide what days you would like to post and do those every week. As you think of stuff to add, do it. But don't add so much that you feel overwhelmed. That's when people just stop blogging all together. You will figure it out. Just don't give up. I'm still working on my schedule and trying to figure out what draws the most attention. Good luck! I'm your newest follower. And thanks so much for linking up to Tip-toe thru Tuesday.